Historic Richmond Association

Minutes – HRA Febrary 16, 2016

Historic Richmond Association

February 16, 2016- McFarlane House


In Attendance-Erica Martinez, Mary Grover, Becky Haas, Rob Tobias, Lorinda Brown, Pat Pittman, Barbara Johnson, Michelle Moore, Claire Rogers, Ara Grey, Lavel Hinton, Penny Pabst, Rose Johnson, Diana Butinski


Meeting Called to Order: 6:00

  • Introduction of guests
  • Treasurers Report
  • Old Business:
  1. Open positions-secretary and treasurer-let Mary or Erica know if you are interested
  • New Business:
  1. Membership Drive-we would like to make a general membership flyer to pass out and walk around and introduce ourselves to merchants. Main Street Program? Requires a lot of money. Our mission statement needs to include everyone and what we are doing, not just businesses.
  2. Easter Egg Hunt-March 19 10-12 Lorinda-Overview of budget, volunteer sign up, volunteers arrive at 8, advertising, budget approval of $500 ($300 from City) motion by Rob, Second by Diana, voted and approved.
  3. Motor Madness-budget approval $1550 (motion by Rob, second by Diana, voted and approved) volunteer sign up, May 14 10-3, permit to close Morton St, Irwin will be title sponsor, advertising, $100 sponsors, shirts, DJ booked, ask restaurants to provide something or maybe have food trucks
  4. Location change-McFarlane House booked until May then city offered conference room in the new fire station
  • KRB update-submitted grant application to Governor Committee Achievement Award by TXDOT, Annual Report and dues to Keep Texas Beautiful, Wessendorff Park Roses February 2, Decorate sign for little league opening day at George Park March 5, document shredding day April 16, asked to beautify annex
  • Open Discussion- Rose B Johnson Foundation of Colon Cancer, Gulf Coast Blues and Jazz Foundation promotes bringing music to kids, Penny Pabst writes government grants, March 1 bank changes names to Pioneer Bank, City partnering with Republic for clean up , exhibit in museum and courthouse March 12-21

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